4 Adorable Romance Scenes In Video Games


There are many video game couples that have adorable scenes. Here are some of my favourite romances and their scenes within video games! I wanted to do something special for this Valentine’s day and what better way than to squee over cute couples in video games. This video isn’t exactly for any particular order, but here are some of my favourite romantic scenes. Let me know in the comments what was your favourite, who is your favourite video game couple or if you have any scenes to add here!

Video source:
Cullen’s Romance (by DanaDuchy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym3Uq-EgAtU

4. Telltale Game of Thrones: Rodrik and Eleana’s Reunion
Oh the world of Game of Thrones, where death is everywhere. Knowing that I knew that anyone who was bound to fall in love was doomed from the start. Unfortunately that includes Rodrik and Eleana. Sad as it was, they did have a very sweet relationship with one another. Although The Forresters were having trouble and a marriage could have saved them, it was very apparent Rodrik and Eleana had romantic feelings for one another ever since they were children. Every instant I had to get them together, I did. I mean wouldn’t you want to just be with someone you love knowing you’re probably going to die? One of my favourite scenes of them together was when they reunited together for the first time in years. Sure majority of it was political talk but you can sense the history between then and the fact that they were still in love with one another.

3. Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen romance and First kiss
Ahhh cute Commander Cullen. As adorable as this man is, he has seen some serious shit in his life and ultimately has been tortured and tramatized for majority of it. So when Dragon Age: Inquisition introduced him as a romance option for your Inquisitor I was overjoyed! A lot of his romance relies on the concept of Cullen actually experiencing something he’s never had, a normal life. Throughout his romance story, you experience him at his best and his worse, but most of all you experience him as a human begin.

One of my favourite scenes with Cullen has to be the first kiss. With all the awkward flirting and the ability to make him blush, it finally pays off once Cullen begins to flirt back and show interest with you. The Inquisitor asks him for some time alone and of course this man can’t help but fumble his way through it. Evetually this prompts the question if he is interested in her, and of course he says yes. Then something in Cullen changes in this moment, he lets hi guard down and gives in to a desire of wanting something for himself. Let me remind you during this game Cullen is the Commander of the Inquisition’s army, and you are the Inquisitor, there’s no room for love during war, but Cullen forgets all of that. In every Dragon Age game so far Cullen has taken on a serious role, whether that’s a Templar in Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2, or now as the Commander of the Inquisition. He as always put honor and duty before his own personal needs, this is the first time he lets go of that and let’s himself experience happiness for the first time. (Also you can’t deny that Cullen almost killing Jim over here was priceless)

2. Life is Strange: Before The Storm: Chloe and Rachel’s kiss
Chloe and Rachel’s relationship was for sure a complicated one but what teenage love story isn’t? Due to bizarre and supernatural circumstances, Chloe Price and Rachel Amber are brought together one night. Throughout the game, whether you get them together romantically or not, it’s 100% clear that they had feelings for one another. During episode 2, after the play, Rachel and Chloe spend a blissful time walking home. They planned on running off to California and even through all of it, Chloe was skeptical. Rachel saw this as an opportunity to prove to Chloe she meant it and simply asked her what she needed. No matter what choice you pick their all meaningful to their story regardless but the biggest one was the kiss they share with one another. Not only did it make me scream with joy, it also warmed my heart to see.

Seeing as both Chloe and Rachel never had anyone who saw them for themselves, never had someone who was honest, and never had someone to be there for them. Both of these girls have been hurt multiple times by things in their life they can’t control and on top of that they’re teenagers. As much as I loved this scene it still breaks my heart knowing how it all ended, but I can take comfort that at least they had each other.

1. Uncharted 4: Nathan and Elena’s Talk
Nathan and Elena Drake are definitely the greatest adventure couple in the video game world. Their relationship goes way back since the first game, with a lot of romantic and sexual tension and with their on again and off again relationship. Nathan and Elenea due end up making up and marrying one another in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Through the good times and bad times I think my favourite moment between these two happened during the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Nathan is given a once in a life time chance to recover an “adventure” from his childhood with his older brother but this casues him to lie to Elena on where he is going. After finding out he lied, this causes a huge tear in their relationship that causes doubt on both sides that they could survive as a married couple.

They are tested once again when the reunite after Nathan runs into trouble with his brother and throughout this trail, Elena begins to question if she and Nathan are even happy together. Nathan and Elena at this time were doing things they didn’t exactly love, Nathan stopping his adventures and Elena just doing normal journalism rather than going on adventures for her stories. During the escape through the exploding mummies (which was bullshit to go through by the way), Nathan and Elena bearly escape causing and explosion, the couple goes tumbling down a hill. As Nathan rambles to himself he notices Elena isn’t responding to him. After faking her death, this is then where both Nathan and Elena realize what they need from one another, was an adventure together.