Changing Things Up?


Originally posted on: (19/10/16):

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m doing, mos specifically with this website. I originally created this website for myself and for my portfolio. I’m keeping it like that but I feel like I need to change it to reflect every aspect of what I do, especially now. If you are unaware I do Youtube. I make videos on there 3 times a week and have been doing so for over a year now. Surprisingly it has taken off, to which I can see myself continuing in the future. It’s something I enjoy and never thought it was possible to do, especially how badly it effected animators years ago when they changed the ToS/policy of Youtube. I do want to do animation in the future, more so professionally in a studio setting but I do enjoy making Yourube animation… the only problem is it’s not realistic as it use to be, I guess that’s why mu gaming channel took off. I am able to entertain in a different way while working on my other skills with video editing. I love being an entertainer on Youtube, I just with I could also be one as an animator on there as well. Either way, I want this website to reflect both sides of what I do. Animation/Art and Youtube. Maybe I’ll do game reviews, or have something setup where more people are interact on this website, rather than have it collecting dust. I hope I can figure it out soon because right now all I’ve done is add this blog haha.