How to support my content for FREE!


I’ve been trying to find ways for you guys to support my content for free. Ever since I opened my Patreon page, I was aware that not everyone can pledge to it or even do it monthly. While it does suck, I’m not mad about it. I rather have people take of themselves before pledging to my Patreon. Regardless, if you haven’t heard or watched any of my previous update videos Youtube has been making it difficult for creators to make money or let alone make content and grow their channel. I’ve been fighting with Youtube regarding this more severely this year, with so many other creators.

If you would like to help the channel out for free please check out my Loots and Gawkbox links. The are both sponsored tipping, meaning the advertisers will tip the channel on your behalf. In the video above and below are instructions on how to use both.

Loots instructions:  Loots lets viewers send sponsor supported messages to their favorite streamers. With every message that pops up in the live-broadcast, the streamer earns money.
1. This is only available when I livestream, if I’m not livestreaming you cannot tip the stream.
2. There is a form on the left hand side (on mobile at the bottom of the page)
3. Fill out the form (leave a message) then click the “click to tip” button and it takes up to 20-30 seconds to show up on my stream. Also you can only use this 15 minutes at a time.

Gawkbox instructions: Use GawkBox to support the stream for free with Sponsored Tips — download and complete the offers, and your tips will appear on stream!
1. Make an account on Gakwbox.
2. Open a web browser on your phone or tablet (not desktop). For example, if you use android you may use Google Chrome or IOS Safari
3. Go to my page and scroll down to “Offers”
4. Choose which app you’d like to tip me with, the amount will be on the side, and how to get that amount will be under the title of the app. For example: Download Angry Birds and get to level 5 to tip my channel $5.

As of right now Youtube has added this new system to the monetization program. If your video has a green icon next to it, you can fully monetize that video, you’ll earn money with little to no problems. But they have added this new yellow icon which stands for “limited or no ads”. This means there’s a chance there will be an ad but most likely will not, but the kicker is that it doesn’t tell you if you do get ads or not. There’s no transparency with Youtube and it’s creators. This has not only been effecting my financially, but creatively. I cannot make videos I would like to make because Youtube will set them to limited. Do you want horror content? Nope. Do you like fanfiction readings? No to that too. Want to do content about LGBTQ+ themes? Sorry, can’t. These are all the videos I want to do but Youtube will set them to limited.

(This was a test I did. The AI system flags LGBTQ+ terms)


Along with the fact that we have been losing about 50% of our revenue, we lose our viewership as well. If a video gets set to limited, about 50% of the people who normal watch it don’t see this video. Youtube blocks it from being recommended and sometimes not even show up in the subscription box for your subscribers (I’ve been told by my subscribers they don’t see my videos, especially if it’s set on limited). I’ve been trying hard to fight back, but I can see now that Youtube does not want us here on the site. They rather pick and choose who they like and leave the rest to die out.

I think the worse part about all of this is the fact that Youtube doesn’t tell it’s users what exactly is going on. I’m honestly at a loss, because if this continues I’m going to leave Youtube. I have no choice a this point. If people can help out with Gawkbox and Loots then there’s a chance, but regardless I’ve been focusing on Twitch as well. Twitch’s staff as been so kind to it’s streamers. Whenever we have a question they’ll answer, if there’s a problem on the site they’ll notify us and fix it. Youtube barely does any of this. Twitch also as uploads in beta right now and if that becomes a thing and Affiliates get ad revenue, then I will be uploading regularly on Twitch… I’ll still have Youtube but it won’t be my main focus anymore.