I’ll be at Comic Con Toronto!


Toronto Comic Con is in a week (March 17 – 19), I have been going to this con for nearly 5 years and for sure I am this year. Nothing officially is happening if you were wondering, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ll be there on the 18th (Saturday), so if you happen to see me please say hi! I’d love to meet you guys! I’ll also be in cosplay, since this was a short notice I didn’t have time to create a full cosplay so I’ll be in casual cosplay. This year I will be Pharah from Overwatch, but the casual version.

pharah-gameplay I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her because she’s my favourite from the series, also how can you not like her mech suit? Since I’m still learning how to build such a complex cosplay, I decided to go with a casual version of her. There is this beautiful artwork piece by MonoriRogue who has done digital paintings of the Overwatch ladies in casual attire. I’m lucky enough to have one of my friends cosplay with me, which I’ve never done before. She will be cosplaying as D.Va (casual version). 

I’ll be vlogging our day there so you guys can watch later on my vlog channel. If I can, I will make a cosplay video for Pharah, I have something in mind with this cosplay, if I can made it happen I will. But expect Justice to rain next Saturday!