I’m a Humble Bundle partner!



Hey everyone so one exciting thing happened over the weekend, I’m official a partner with Humble Bundle. If you don’t know what Humble Bundle is, it’s a storefront which sells games and books while at the same time supporting charities.

How this works:

  • I will provide affiliate links (here, social media, youtube, twitch) if there are special sales for games or books/comic books.
  • Know that if you use and purchase anything through my links I will gain some revenue.
  • If you use my links you will be supporting me and also the charity or charities listed. You decide how much you want to pay with certain bundles (Ex. 1 bundle may cost altogether $20, but you have options to pay for $10 worth or $1 worth or the entire bundle which is $20)
  • All the games you buy will come with a steam key (unless stated otherwise) you can connect your steam account to have the game on there.

How Humble Monthly works:

  • If you use and purchase with my links know that you are supporting me and I will gain some revenue.
  • Humble Monthly Bundle is a monthly gaming service where you pay only $12 a month and you will receive $100 worth of games. You can choose your plan (monthly or yearly plans). You also get 10% off through the store and 5% of each monthly bundle will go towards charity.
  • If you want to cancel you Monthly subscription you may cancel at any time and you still can keep the games you got.

The reason why I chose to apply to their partnership was not only did they sell games for a lower cost and it’s a perfect fit for my gaming channel on Youtube, but part of the proceeds that you pay with goes towards a charity. I’ve received multiple offers for promotions or partnerships for the channel but I always turned them away because they didn’t fit or I felt like it wasn’t appropriate for what I do.

One thing I want to assure everyone is I’m not going to spam Humble’s promotions on my content. I want everyone to understand this is a pretty huge deal for me because I never thought I’d get this opportunity where it could help me financially with the channel. (I also want you guys to know, the revenue I earn from Humble Bundle will be going towards my Youtube channel and Twitch streams, meaning equipment and games to let’s play) I want to promote them in the most appropriate times (so not spamming every single one of my videos.)

That being said if you would like to use my links I will provide them below in the post. If big promotions or sales happen in the future I will make separate posts. If you have any questions regarding my partnership with Humble Bundle please feel free to ask. I want my partnership with them to transparent as possible (and so do they which is why I trust this company a lot).

Humble Monthly Bundle : Pay $12/month & receive $100 worth of games, 10% off the store, & 5% goes to charity. Cancel anytime & still keep the games.

Humble Bundle : Special bundles for games and books. You can choose what to pay and proceeds go towards charity.

Humble Bundle Storefront : Purchase games here at a cheaper price while proceeds go towards charity. (Note: you will receive a steam key so you can play the game on steam too.)