I’m livestreaming now!


I recently got my internet upgrade which means I am able to handle livestreams now! I’ve always wanted to do this for a while now. I use to do some back in college where I did art streams. I just drew stuff while people hung out, but that was when anyone barely knew who I was so literally only 2 people would be watching. But now with an audience I feel like this is a good way to connect with my viewers and also to start art streams again. Of course I’ll be gaming, but I’ve done a few test streams in the past couple of weeks and they have been so much fun. 

I’m still getting use to how everything works (it’s extremely confusing), but I think I got everything in place. Right now I decided that I will be streaming on Fridays every bi-weekly. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with “extra” work in a way. I’ve also decided, for now at least, that I will be streaming on Youtube. In my personal opinion, I prefer Twitch because the integration and layout is much simpler than Youtube and much more stable. I would only stream on Twitch but the problem is a lot of my viewers rather stick to Youtube. I’m not saying Youtube Gaming is terrible, but it has a lot of things it needs to improve on. 

For now I’ll be on Youtube, maybe after I get everything set up properly with my computer I will just switch over to Twitch. I’m hoping this will also push me to start drawing and animating again. I think it would be much more enjoyable if people were around, you know? Like I could take requests or even teach some things. But for now if you would like to follow me you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Twitch! I will be streaming this Friday (March, 3, 2017) at around 8:30 PM EST, time may change in case something happens.