I’m tired of Youtube


I’m going to make a video about this going into more detail but a few days ago a friend of mine found out that someone started reuploading my videos onto their channel. Most of these videos have been my most popular ones, and they’re reuploaded a lot of them actually. Let’s skip over the fact that this person has absolutely no right to do this, but the nerve to do it anyway. I have no problem with fan videos or like remix or stuff like that. But if you just straight up reupload my entire video then I have a HUGE problem with you. 

The most logical thing to do in this situation is to just file for a copyright claim. This is something that must be done through Youtube, through a form. On that form it asks for your legal name/address. I would have no problem with this but now I find out that this information would be given to the person I’m going against… So you’re telling me some random stranger can just get a hold of my private information just like that? Mind you I didn’t know this until I saw a video from Pyrocynical who address this situation.

Luckily this person who reuploaded my videos hasn’t monetized them (meaning making money off of them) but I’m still not okay with someone posting my work and my face on places I did not authorize to. And I would do the copyright claims but I can’t risk my privacy nor well being if some stranger can receive my home address like this. I sent a message to that channel and I hope they take down the videos because if not I’m going to find another way…

I feel like Youtube is getting out of control to the point where I really don’t want to creating on this platform. I’ve thought about leaving and going to Twitch… but the messed up thing about it is that I don’t know if I can sustain it as a job, I have to live, eat and pay bills. I’m so tired of Youtube not communicating with it’s creators nor protecting us… the people who helped build this platform.

If you would like to watch Pyro’s video on the matter you can here: