Let’s Play: Locked Heart


Aura finds herself in a mansion in Locked Heart. We follow the story of a girl who’s life is about to change when she meets the 3 bears in Dicesuki’s Locked Heart! Thank you to those who gave this a suggestions for the new game on Otome Wednesdays! It’s been hard to find a good otome with a good story and I fee like this one would be better since this is made by Dicesuki, the creators of Cinderella Phenomenon.

Locked Heart Playlist ►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtOnZC_I6zAwi7M9OwT2rpfEcDLetbj3h

Game: Locked Heart ► http://dicesuki.com/lockedheart/
A trip to the next town has diverted Aura to the infamous mysterious d’Lockes Mansion ….of talking toys?! Play as Aura as she attempts to help them and possibly a romance with one of the 3 Bears.