Patreon Newsletter: June 2017


For those who are unware, I do have a patreon page that helps support the content I provide on the internet! I figured I should post some sort of newsletter update post every month so everyone know what I have planned for both my artwork and video projects on Youtube/Twitch. So far this is what I have planned for this month:

  • It’s pride month! (Happy pride my lovelies! <3) I do plan to have more LGBTQ+ themed videos and artwork. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!
  • I am working on a different type of video. Reading out my smutty fanfiction! LOL I got so many requests for it once I mentioned them publicly and thanks to my friend Vopseas , I have recorded a video for it. I wanted to do more of a machinima style video instead of me just reading, so I will try my best to have the video out this month, but know that I am working on it!
  • I want to do an art livestream at least once this month. This will be on a random day but I will announce on here and on my social medias when it happens. This will be on Twitch.

If you would like to read the full newsletter including what rewards will be posted/sent out for June please read more here. I hope this month will be full of creativity from myself because I have seem to be more proactive with art and stuff ever since hitting a rough patch for almost a year. Thank you everyone who has pledge so far, and to those who are thinking about it I hope you will consider. If not, I still love you <3