Patreon Update: Patreon Fee Changes


Hello everyone.

Yesterday, December 7th, Patreon has announced they will be changing the way they charge you the Patreon members. If you would like to read their blog post in full detail you can here but in summary Patreon would like to change the way the service fee is charged. As of right now, creators or myself, pay for this fee every month.
Example: I earn $50 every month but service fees will be 5%, so in the end my final total would be about $47 (The fees vary depending on how much I earn and what type of method I use like bank, paypal, etc)

Currently the service fees for Patreon creators are:
Transaction Fees – Between 2-10%
Patreon Fee – 5%

Patreon is planning to change this on December 18th, so that creators don’t have to much for the services fees, meaning you, my Patreons will. In short, along with your monthly membership (for example, you pledge $1/month to my Patreon), they have added a 2% + $0.35 fee (fees may vary depending on where you live) on top of your pledge.

patronpayfees-graphic-v5-1-1024x785I am seriously disappointed and very angry at this change. I’ve been using Patreon for nearly a year now and I never had problems with paying the service fee myself. You guys come here to support me and that means everything to me, you shouldn’t have to pay more simply because it’s to cover services fees. I get that Patreon wants to make sure creators get the most, but I don’t think this is fair to the people who support us.

Ben Wolfe (@wombatoverlord) on Twitter posted this image explaining how much this will effect both creators and people who support us:


It’s honestly not worth it to both you and me (at least in my opinion). As of right now, this change will happen on December 18th. My Patreon remains a monthly thing, meaning it will charged on the 1st of every month. If you feel like you can’t afford or don’t want to pay for the extra fee, I will not be mad if you decide to cancel your pledge to my Patreon page.

Of course it sucks, I use Patreon to help support myself, especially since Youtube has been fucking me over. I will say if you prefer to donate to me directly, and not through Patreon you can do so through my paypal . I also have other alternative ways to support me for FREE.

I recently introduced Loots and Gawkbox as a way to support me for free. Loots is for my livestreams, but they will only be available if I am livestreaming, if I’m not live, it will not work. Gawkbox is very effective way to support me any time. You just open my page on mobile, make an account, download or play the games listed on my page you can tip me money just by playing the games. (Example: Download Angry Birds, you donate $0.50 to me, if you get to level 1 you donate $1, so on and so forth)

I have made a video explaining both if you would like more detail on how to use both Loots and Gawkbox.

So to conclude, I hope this informs you guys on what’s going on. I don’t like to lie or hide things from my supports because you guys should be aware on what’s going on and I have no idea if Patreon even messaged you all of this change yet, because they never even told us they were planning to do this until yesterday.

Like I said, if you can’t continue you pledge, please don’t feel guilty, I still appreciate your support regardless and hopefully if Patreon reconsiders, maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about this. I am looking into different platforms to help support my content, like Gamewisp but as of right now I will stay on Patreon for the time being.

If you guys have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll do my best to answer.