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Let’s Plays


Let’s Play: Remember Remember

Remember Remember is finally out and man is is very interesting. I'm not really into horror or in this case psychological horror, but I love the story of this visual novel. I gotta say the artwork and music is beautiful too. Just gives off the feeling of Zero Time series ...
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Let’s Play: Cinderella Phenomenon

You guys know I love otome games and this one is pretty special. It has a very unique concept with incorporating the fairytales we already know! Let me know what you guys think of it!Game: Cinderella Phenomenon ► years after the end of the Great War and the loss ...
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Let’s Play: Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

I'm finally playing A New Frontier! I'm really excited but also terrifed for Clementine, mainly because I think... think... I made her too ruthless. Or maybe that's canon? I don't know how I feel about the writing of this season yet but I can say I love Javi's character. I ...
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Let’s Play: Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC

I cannot believe I am finally playing this DLC. I played the other two earlier before Solas left the party and it revealed such interesting things about him. But anyway this DLC takes place 2 years after the main game. So Elia hasn't seen her friends much, especially Leliana as ...
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Theory Videos


Ardyn Is A Hero – Final Fantasy XV Theory/Analysis

I'm so pleased with Final Fantasy XV. I've been waiting for this game for 10 years and being a huge ...
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A Broken Game? (Error Code: 707) – Mystic Messenger Theory

I've been thinking about this "reset" theory that's been going around and wanted to share my view on what I ...
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Guilty Principle? (Life Is Strange Theory)

*SPOILER WARNING FOR EP. 1-4*Excuse my voice in this, I recorded this at like 12am (only time I could do ...
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Blame Nathan? (Life Is Strange Theory)

Now I'm not the only one who thinks about this theory, so here's my take on it. Also I am ...
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Is Mr.Jefferson A Time Traveler? (Life Is Strange Theory)

*SPOILER WARNING FOR EPISODE 1 - 4My first fan theory ^^ I could be reading into this too much but ...
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The Mystery of Max’s Power (Life Is Strange Theory)

Life Is Strange has a lot of mysteries within the course of the 5 episodes and a lot of them ...
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Analysis Videos


Ardyn Is A Hero – Final Fantasy XV Theory/Analysis

I'm so pleased with Final Fantasy XV. I've been waiting for this game for 10 years and being a huge ...
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Denial & Depression (Firewatch Analysis)

This is my interpretation of the story of Firewatch and the ending of the game. When I first put out ...
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Max’s Nightmare (Life Is Strange Analysis)

This is my interpretation of Max's nightmare sequence in episode 5. I may be taking it more seriously than it ...
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Lore Videos


History of the Vaults (Fallout 4)

Ever wonder what happened between the 5 vaults in Fallout 4? What was Vault-Tec doing? In this lore video I ...
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The Nine Divines (The Elder Scrolls)

Ahh my first episode of Explain This! I hope you enjoyed and learned something about TES! Pleas excuse myself if ...
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List Video


Top 7 Video Game Couples

Happy late Valentine's day! This video was actually meant to be up last week but I didn't have any internet ...
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5 Creepy Moments From Non Horror Games

I hope you enjoyed this list video! I love making scripted type videos because they're so much more fun to ...
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Top 5 Creepy Video Game Crushes

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I was trying to fit the whole "Spooky" theme for this month lol ...
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Why I Love


Why I Love: Overwatch

I am completely in love with Overwatch! And it's funny because I hate playing FPS games. I think the reason ...
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