Let’s Plays


Let’s Play: Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC

I cannot believe I am finally playing this DLC. I played the other two earlier before Solas left the party and it revealed such interesting things about him. But anyway this DLC takes place 2 years after the main game. So Elia hasn't seen her friends much, especially Leliana as ...
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Let’s Play: The Walking Dead Season 2

Goddamn it I cannot believe how far this little girl has come. From the sweet little one from the tree house to "I'm stitching up my own arm". I will be honest and say I never liked the writing of this season, I felt like they didn't handle Clem's role ...
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Let’s Play: The Walking Dead Season 1

I LOVE the walking dead series, it's one of my favourites because I'm so in love with the concept of zombies but ironically it's an actual phobia of mine lol But I have played season 1 and 2 when they came out years ago. I've been asked so many times ...
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Let’s Play: Until Dawn

I thought I'd start off the "Spooky-Scare-A-Thon" with Supermassive Games' Until Dawn. I don't do well with horror games but Until Dawn really interests me because of the story and gameplay mechanics. Until Dawn centers around a group of eight teenagers who decide to vacation for a night in a ...
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